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Beneath the surface - hope and anger in the Niger Delta

21.03.2011 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/NIgerDelta.jpgA community’s quest for justice. Oil companie's pursuit of benefit. A region in the heart of Africa and the human cost of living in it. Oil and conflict in the Niger Delta are strongly interconnected. The story takes us from 1999, the murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa and others, and the massacre of citizens in Odi in Bayesala, in which 2.500 civilians were killed and typifies the oppression in the region, to today. Nigeria’s oil reserves are at the heart of this conflict.

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A school day with Diana

21.03.2011 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/Diana_02.jpg"I dream of being a doctor", Diana says with a smile. Many children share this same dream, many however have to struggle as much as she does to make their dreams come true. This documentary film reflects one day in the life of a 13 year-old Sudanese school girl, Diana, who stands exemplary for many others. Produced by Xchange Perspectives for EED and SEZ, the film brings us closer to understanding the hopes of thousands of girls in Sudan.

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Journalism made in Sudan

20.03.2011 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/media/Articles/Pictures/sv_logo.jpgDedicated to spreading the voices of the Sudanese from both the North and the South, 'sudan votes', a project by mict, trains journalists and publishes their views about all events occurring inside Sudan. Xchange Perspectives has advised 'sudan votes' and linked up potential journalists and singers initially trained by XCP to join 'sudan votes', which has become a primary source of reliable information made in Sudan.

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Referendum in Sudan

09.01.2011 by Dominik Lehnert

Gemeinsam für eine gerechte Welt

07.11.2010 by Frank Müller

23.10.2011 Altes Rathaus München - unter dem Leitspruch "Gemeinsam für eine gerechte Welt" lädt die Landeshaupstadt München & Nord-Süd-Forum München zu der 1. Münchner entwicklungspolitische Börse.
75 Münchner Einrichtungen und Initiativen, Entwicklungsorganisationen und Eine-Welt-Gruppen, Schulen und Stiftungen zeigen, wie man sich für globale Gerechtigkeit engagieren kann.

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XCP stellt sich vor

16.09.2010 by Dominik Lehnert


Die gemeinnützige Organisation „Xchange Perspectives e.V.“ stellt sich vor – Vortrag und Gesprächsrunde
Do. 16.09.2010 - Beginn: 19:30 Uhr - Eintritt frei

Kriege brechen aus und toben

10.09.2010 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/home/Pictures/Button_XCP.png"Kriege brechen aus und toben“. Erfahren wir in den Medien. Was lernen wir daraus? Nichts. Weil die Gründe verschwiegen werden. Weil viele „Kriege“ erst gar nicht vorkommen. Weil vom Frieden nicht die Rede ist. Über Krieg & Frieden, Sprache & Begrifflichkeiten, Feindbilder und globale Konflikte in Medien. Und über alternativen Journalismus. Von und mit Wolfram Frommlet.


Datum: Freitag 10.09.2010 - Beginn: 19:00 Uhr
Ort: - Büro für Design, Goehtestrasse 21, 1. Etage, München
Anmeldeschluss: bis 09.09.2010 per E-Mail an:

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Radio Magwi nominated for the View Change film contest

04.09.2010 by Dominik Lehnert

Check out the 'ViewChange Online Film Contest'. A short version of our 'Radio Magwi FM92.5' film has entered the competition in the category 'Overcoming Conflict'. Online voting begins September 4th, 2010, and ends September 15th at 11:59 p.m. PT. Please vote online (click the graphic to the left) for our film if you like it and share it with your friends and family. Thank you for your support! In UNITY, your XCP team.

Radio Magwi nominated for the Democracy Photo Challenge

23.08.2010 by Dominik Lehnert

tl_files/home/Pictures/XCP_Radio_Tower_Assembly_02_2010.jpgA photo from our latest project, Radio Magwi, has entered a photo competition and it has made it to the finals! Vote for Radio Magwi and ‘DEMOCRACY IS... WHEN ALL VOICES ARE EQUALLY HEARD AND CONSIDERED.’ here.

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