Dilembu Au Gulmu - Burkina Faso


Xchange Perspectives has taken the initiative to document one of the most successful community festivals in Burkina Faso. The music festival 'Dilembu Au Gulmu' (FESDIG) takes place annually in Tiantiaka, approx. 200 km east of the capital Ouagadougou. Although the festival aims at promoting traditional culture and creates sustainable income opportunities for the local people, it has however not received much national nor international attention.


FESDIG promotes Unity in Diversity by sheding light on forgotten traditional culture.


Partner: FESDIG
Funding: open
Implem.: Spring 2012

Xchange Perspectives trains local musicians, who otherwise do not have the opportunity to record and promote their songs, in music recording and production, as well as music video and documentary film production. The aim of this project is to make the needs of this community and their perspectives for change part of the regional and international discourses.