Capacities for peace media lecture


Building Capacity for Peace Media is an introduction on how to incorporate lessons learned from Peace and Conflict theory and Development theory into the field of communications through the informed use of appropriate media. Our goal is for greater awareness on how to build capacity for peace and development through media.


Participants in the course can expect to learn how to select appropriate media, ensure dissemination, and monitor how their message is perceived, while always keeping in mind that the message should be one of creative solutions for a peaceful resolution to conflict. We explore how to design the form (media) to carry the content (message) through practice in the form of group projects.


Reading Materials

The following materials are required and can be downloaded by clicking on the below titles.

J. Galtung & P. Scott, The ‘Democratic Development’ Hypothesis: A Better Case.

  1. The Power of Media Introduction

  2. Favela Rising, director’s statement


The instructors also recommend the following optional readings, which you can find at the front desk in the lobby. Please copy the readings and put them back on the front desk so that other students may access them.


• The Power of Media Chapter 1

• Extending the Reach of Peacebuilders (Manual)

• The Peace Journalism Model

  1. Creating Grassroots Movements for Change (Manual)


Assignments and Evaluation

We plan to make this a hands-on, participatory class. You will be evaluated on the basis of active participation and successful presentation of your group project.


Course Structure

Pending on availability of participants

‘Favela Rising’ movie night - discussion


MONDAY (23rd)

Exploring Peace Media


TUESDAY (24th)

Project Design Framework


WEDNESDAY (25th) morning

Presentation of group projects



Dominik Lehnert (Xchange Perspectives)

Kimberlye Kowalczyk (Transcend Media Service)